one day at a time

Yuri Cunha

June 08, 2024

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keep going, you're doing great.

keep going, you're doing great.

What's up?

You made it through the day. I'm proud of you. Seriously, I'm so proud of you.

If nobody told you today, I love you. I mean that with all my heart.

You made it through today, and you should be proud of yourself too.

Sometimes, it's hard to look forward to anything when you're feeling down. But when you reach the end of the day and look back at what you went through, you'll see you have more to look forward to because every day it gets a bit better.

I always tell myself, "Someday I'll feel better. Someday I'll be alright." Remember, that "someday" comes one day at a time, and you'll get there. You will.

I'm proud of you. I'm very proud of you.

Make sure you come back.

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Yuri Cunha